Ex-military Habits that Stay With You

remedio carisoprodol para que serve Eating unnecessarily and probably unattractively fast.  I’ve since learned to control my nutrition and diet.

phentermine 37.5 france Quit trying to quit tobacco

Order Soma Watson Brand What do you mean I can’t dip at my desk

Talking like a retard because I’m actually constantly filtering out language that would blanche most civilians

Stretching out my work day because of the feeling that I’m probably gonna have to stay late for something anyways

Hot sauce on absolutely anything that its even remotely compatible with

Why the fuck aren’t these cars on-line

Hat and shades when outside at all times

Intense awareness of hat still being on my head when I’m inside

Roger that

Hooah – The military cheer.

I’m not mad, this is my normal face

Catch myself internally calling cadence when I walk

What is health insurance and why do I need to pay for it

Unconsciously watching corners, entrances, and exits everywhere I go

Having a firearm openly displayed in your residence is not normal and will make visitors uncomfortable

I’m not an alcoholic I just absolutely have to have a drink right now or I might kill every single one of you

Why the fuck are we walking so slow

Extreme formality with superiors

loud noise – immediate spike in blood pressure

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